Quotes from Residents

"Before Merci's Refuge I was paralyzed by feelings of inadequacy and hopelessness and used alcohol and self-harm to numb and cope with my emotions.  Since being at Merci's Refuge I have learned and grown in how to process my emotions in healthy ways and I have hope for the future.  I have meaning in and purpose in my life again."

"Merci's Refuge has changed my life because it gave me a different perspective on myself. They gave me shelter when no one else would. If it were not for Merci's Refuge I don't know where I would be at or if I would even be alive. I was suicidal and didn't want to live. Eventually I believe I would have gotten on drugs or ended my life. Even though there were things about living at MR that were irritating at time, at the end of the day it is my home. My heaven on earth."

"Before I came to Merci's Refuge I was alone in many aspects.  I am coming out of the darkness.  The feelings of hopelessness are leaving my mind and I feel hope for my future."

"The best thing about Merci's Refuge is all of the counseling that I was getting. All of the times that I felt alone I had someone to talk to. It feels good to have someone in my atmosphere to talk to me on a deeper level and also give me an understanding of what God is saying about that situation and to refer back to his word."

"I like how the classes help us deal with deep things.  I like how they are touching my heart."

"The best thing about MR was the love you got went you went there. And the trips!


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