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Merci's Refuge is a residential program offered at no cost and designed to nurture a woman in crisis as she becomes the person God created her to be. Merci's Refuge (MR) is not simply a place for women to live. The primary purpose of MR is to provide women a realistic opportunity to focus on the root issues that hold them back from experiencing joy, accomplishing their goals, and reaching their God-given potential. These root issues may include past abuse, neglect, unresolved anger, and bitterness, spiritual frustration or confusion. Which often show up in the form of substance abuse, self-harming behavior, unhealthy relational/emotional boundaries, isolation, fear, anxiety, depression, instability, or compulsive behavior. The program is intensive, requiring women to follow a daily schedule of activies, actively participate in group and individual counseling, and comply with procedures phone calls, visitors, and outside visits.  It is our ultimate goal that women will grow in their understanding of God and his purpose for their lives while at Merci's Refuge. We believe that if this occurs women will one day experience a fullness of joy that will radically alter their lives and their children's lives.

Through group and individual mentoring and pastoral or professional counseling women explore and identify issues of their heart, mind and soul that may be holding them back from obtaining their goals. Simultaneously women take part in life-skill classes in nutrition, parenting, money management and entrepreneurship, healthy relationships, and spiritual growth while continuing to work on life goals and preparing to live adult lives outside of MR by obtaining and maintaining a job, completing school or starting a degree program, getting involved in a local church, building Christian community and accountability, resorting relationships, and striving for peace and joy. 

We want all women to feel welcome but unfortunately due to resources we are only able to accept women above the age of 18 and give priority to new mothers with children up to the age of 1 years old (12 months).   

Goals & Requirements of all phases:

  • Pursuit of learning your God-given calling and vocation 
  • Phase reviews are required to transition into the next phase (presentation with residents and staff of your accomplishments, goals, testimony, and future goals). Staff will be ensuring that you consistently complete your chores, homework, and are working towards completing goals.

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