About our residential program

Merci's Refuge is 6-12 month Christian residential counseling program for adult women seeking freedom from various life-controlling issues that keep them from experiencing joy and accomplishing their goals.  These issues often stem from past trauma and include things like depression, anxiety, addictions, unhealthy relationships, unplanned pregnancies, unstable income and housing, and involvement with the child welfare system.  Our aim is to provide the time, space, and professional and relational support for women to step outside of survival mode and begin the hard work of healing from past trauma.  


A Wholistic Program

Our program includes weekly individual counseling, group work, recovery classes, life-goal coaching, and various life-skills classes for pregnancy, parenting, healthy relationships, finances, exercise and healthy nutrition.  The daily schedule is full but also includes time for working on individual goals, going to medical appointments, participating in community events, and visiting with friends and family (depending on the program phase).  Residents share in the general upkeep of the home with rotating chores.  They also take turns making meals for the group.


We are Christian Ministry

We believe that lasting freedom, true joy, and the strength to heal and grow comes through a relationship with Jesus Christ.  Women do not need to share those beliefs to be a part of the program but in order to find Merci's Refuge as a helpful program they should have a level of openness to considering how faith in God and his words in the Bible can help them in their journey.  Our program includes a variety of opportunities to explore and grow in your faith through bible study, prayer and worship, and being a part of Christian community including attending local churches as a group on Sundays. 


Community is Critical to Change 

At Merci's Refuge women live in community with one another and often share a room with one other resident unless they have an infant with them.  This is intentional as it creates opportunities for residents to learn from each other and also press into conflicts that arise.  Most of our wounds in life come from relationships yet without healthy relationships it is extremely hard to experience joy and achieve our goals, at least on a long-term basis.  Merci's Refuge is a safe place to begin trusting people and practicing healthy communication, assertiveness, and conflict resolution.



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